Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday has come and is now almost gone. It's been a quiet weekend, most of the family away, no social engagements, so I've managed to do a lot of painting. I'd have a lot more to show for my efforts if I could only stay focused on one project, but that will never happen. Within the past week, I've painted four 18mm Legion Etrangere Paras for Indochina, six Crusader Miniatures 28 mm 1940 French and 12 Perry 28mm AWI. As you can see, all over the place in scales and periods, but that's my style. It would drive me nuts to paint 300 of anything before moving on to another project. Having a dozen  half completed project, like I do, would probably push most people ver the edge, but "C'est la vie".
  Tuesday, I expect to have a Chain of Command game with my old pal Vincent. We've gamed together sporadically for close to forty years and I'm sure he'd agree with me in saying "We haven't gotten any older, it's the figures that have gotten smaller".

  Stay tuned, I hope to have some picture of our Tuesday game posted by mid week.